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maui-homeWhether you are a first time Maui visitor or have visited our beautiful island paradise so many times that you consider yourself a part-time Maui resident, a Maui Luau is definitely a “must do” activity at least during one of your Maui evenings. We can pretty much guarantee it will be a fun and entertaining evening that will not only captivate you, but will add priceless memories to your Hawaii vacation.

So, let’s say you have already decided a Maui luau is a “must do”, yet you might be still asking yourself: “but what is the best luau on Maui”? That’s a great question, and if you ask ten people, you will probably get at least five different answers. The best luau for a couple enjoying their honeymoon may not be the same one as for a couple and their three teenage kids… get it? The good news is, since you will be staying on Maui, you can feel safe knowing Maui has the best luau options anywhere in Hawaii, and that is the one thing everyone will agree on!  To top it off, now that you found us, we believe you will have the opportunity to find the best Maui luau for you!

So, how can we help you do just that?  We put together this helpful guide that we hope will assist you making the perfect choice.  We, at Maui Luaus.Net, want to help you find your ideal Maui luau and also get you the best deal around!  Our concierges are local Maui residents, and if there’s something they know a lot about, and have been many times to (as often as they will let them!), are Maui luaus!  We are confident we have what it takes: best prices, knowledgeable and professional concierge services and a heart of ALOHA!  This combination equals what we are all about: VALUE! Bottom line, we not only want you to have an awesome Maui vacation, we want your Maui vacation to be your most awesome vacation ever!  Still confused? We’d love to hear from you!

maui-home1Call us 808-214-1998 or toll free 1-800-350-3849 and one of our concierges will answer your questions and check availability for your favorite Maui luau!  We are open daily from 7 am to 7 pm H.S.T.

Luau (Hawaiian: lu’au) is a traditional Hawaiian feast, party or celebration, usually accompanied by entertainment and food… lots of food! What started in old Hawaii and is still alive today; native and local Hawaiians invite their loved ones to their “luaus”, where they get to cook their traditional Hawaiian dishes and entertain their guests with music and hula dancing. The hula is Hawaii’s only traditional dance which is usually accompanied by a chant (Hawaiian: oli) or song (Hawaiian: mele). It tells a story; it’s the means the Hawaiians passed on their history and legends from generation to generation. Here in Hawaii we don’t need too many reasons to get together, eat and have fun!

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