Maui Luaus


Reservations (Daily 7am - 7pm HST) Direct: 808-707-7261
Toll Free: 844-552-LUAU (5828)


Can I book my Maui Luau once I arrive on Maui?

YES, however, we cannot guarantee availability for your desired dates OR the awesome rates we currently have by the time you get here.  The only way you can be guaranteed your rate and a confirmed reservation is by purchasing your tickets. Another benefit to purchasing your tickets now is that the best luaus will pre-assign seating according to the day your reservation was received; that means the sooner you reserve your luau, the better your seats will be.  Let’s say you wait to book your Maui luau once you are already here, and we can get you in; you’ll be seated at the very back of the luau grounds.

There are so many options… How do I decide which luau to book?

So many choices… we hear it all the time!  Our concierges will be happy to talk to you and help you develop the best possible luau for you and your party.  With MauiLuaus.Net, you’ll never pay more by speaking with a concierge.  Our BEST rates will always be available even over the phone.  Call us!  We’re open daily from 8 am until 5 pm H.S.T at 808-707-8105

What if I need to cancel my luau, will I get my money back?

YES, provided you contact us by phone at least 48 hours before your luau.  You can book your Maui luau with confidence, as MauiLuaus.Net offers a 100% refund guarantee for all cancellations made at least 48 hours before your Maui luau.

What do I need to do to get your discounted rates?  Is there a promotion or presentation involved?

You have to do absolutely NOTHING!  There are NO PRESENTATIONS to attend or HOOPS to jump!  Our discounted rates are just that… discounted rates. NO GIMMICKS!  Our concierges will NEVER attempt to “convert” you into any presentations, so you can call us or book online with confidence.

I’m not sure what to wear… Is there a dress code for the luau?

No. You can wear whatever you’d like; however, since this will be one of your special evenings while on Maui, we recommend wearing something fun… something that screams “ALOHA.” You’ll find awesome deals on Aloha Wear (even matching outfits) throughout Maui.  Most luaus will check you in an hour before sunset, so whatever you decide to wear makes it light and comfortable.  Bring a light cover-up, just in case, for after the sunset.

Do you provide transportation to my Maui luau?

No, the luaus on Maui do not offer transportation. MauiLuaus.Net highly recommends your group assigns a designated driver. Our concierges will be happy to assist you with information or reservations for a shuttle or taxi if one is not available. Call us!  We’re open daily from 7 am until 8 pm H.S.T at 808-707-8105.

I have special needs/requests. What should I do?

Call us at 808-707-8105. Our staff is eager to help you with any special needs or request you might have for your Maui Luau. Celebrating a special occasion? Please let us know! You can call us or add the information to the comment field in your order. We’ll follow up with you should we have any questions.

I cannot print my luau tickets.  Is that a problem?

No problem at all! If you’re unable to print your voucher, please let us know, and we’ll send it to the luau on your behalf. About 20% of our customers reserving activities with us are already in Hawaii, and we want to make sure everyone’s activity purchase experience is the most pleasurable and hassle-free. You’ll still receive copies of your voucher and credit card receipt, along with directions to your tour, for your records. Please note you can only book your Maui luau over the phone if you want it for 48 hours or less before its start time.  Please call our concierge lines at 808-707-8105.

If I book my Maui luau online, is it confirmed?

Once we receive your luau order, our concierges will process it by calling the actual luau to confirm your reservation. Our calendars do not show “live” or “real-time” availability. Therefore there’s a chance, even though small, that your luau could be sold out for the date you ordered it for. In such a case, you’ll receive a call from our concierges with alternate dates.  You will also be offered alternate Maui luaus still available on your preferred date. If you do not agree with any available options, we’ll VOID the hold placed on your credit card at the time of your order, so you’ll not even see a charge going through on your credit card. We try very hard to keep our calendar availability as current as possible; however, changes happen regularly. If you’re trying to book a luau within less than a week, especially if traveling during peak season, we recommend calling us at 808-707-8105 to get up-to-the-minute availability.

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